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The Joss Institute of Management and Information Technology

The Joss Institute of Management and Information Technology (JIMIT) is operated under the University Governance Act of 1993 as well as authorization no 074/MINEFOP/SG/DFOP/SDGSF/SAOD delivered by the Cameroon Ministry of Employment and Vocational Services as well as two separate Ministerial Orders delivered by the Ministry of Higher Education; Order 16 – 06587/L/MINESUP/SG/DDES/ESUP/SDA/OAGS, and Order 18 – 00664/MINESUP/SG/DDES/ESUP/SDA/LMN.

American Perfect Air Inc.

American Perfect Air Inc. is a company that specializes in improving the air quality for both commercial buildings, medical facilities, schools, churches, and residential homes. Our services range from surface and Air sanitization/disinfection, HVAC Repairs, and Air duck cleaning. American Perfect Air Company is a professional sanitizing company that focused on sanitizing work place on daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or even one time bases.

Majestic Suppliers

AS MEDICAL is a supplier of medical devices worldwide with many years of experience, headquartered in 5006 Herzel Place Beltsville, Maryland, 2 It is a manufacturer and seller of sterile and non-sterile medical products for single and multiple use (syringes, injection needles, masks, gloves of various types and other products). The group of companies Majestic Suppliers Products currently consists of three trading companies and a manufacturing company of medical products.

Accolade Trade & Business Services (A.T.B.S)

A.T.B.S is a fast growing service delivery company specialized in helping small business owners in West and Central Africa get the goods and services they need. It is common knowledge that a good number of retailers in Cameroon get their supplies from wholesalers who in turn buy from importers who fix their prices taking into consideration the cost of shipment.

2F Ecosysteme SARL

2F ECO SARL est un écosystème d’entrepreneurs, d’experts, d’investisseurs et de producteurs liés à Yaoundé et au Cameroun. 2F ECO SARL se veut au croissement de la filière numérique et des filières agro alimentaire, agricoles, de la distribution alimentaire et des services environnementaux.

Childhood's Voice of Cameroon

CVC est une association humanitaire qui oeuvre pour la protection des droits des enfants. Basée à ENDOM, Région du CENTRE au Cameroun, elle a été fondée en 2016 par NKENA Dieubéni (Magistrat au CAMEROUN) par ailleurs Président de CVC, MEDOU AVA Elvire (Directeur de Projet en ALLEMAGNE) et JORDAN NTSAMA Régine

The Forest and Environment Development Association

The Forest and Environment Development Association (FEDA) is a non-governmental, apolitical and non-profit organization that works to ensure that healthy biological resources are conserved in a healthy environment for the benefit of humankind.

FK Global Educational Ventures

FK Global Educational Ventures is a subsidiary of FK Business Ventures Ltd and a leading Overseas Educational consultant, registered in Yaounde, Cameroon. FK Educational Ventures is a subsidiary of FK Business Ventures Ltd was founded by Flavian Kimbi Ngeh who obtained the MBA degree certificate

Institut Superieur des Sciences et Techniques

L’ISSTY a été créé en juillet 2015 à la suite de l’ONG ASSEJA (Association Enfants Jeunes Et Avenir), ONG œuvrant pour la cause humanitaire. Le promoteur, le Président Directeur Général Dr XAVIER ZINGUI MESSOMO , met sur pied ISSTY pour ainsi poursuivre son œuvre de formation de la jeunesse.


Avec plus de 70 000 clients et 42 agences, LA REGIONALE D'EPARGNE ET DE CREDIT est là de plus 25 ans déjà grâce à ses clients. Depuis ces mutliples années, La REGIONALE S.A. a acquis de l'expérience et de l'assurance afin de toujours être à la tête de l'innovation pour répondre favorablement aux besoins de ses clients fidèles.


L’association MUTUELLE CAMEROUNAISE POUR L’EDUCATION ET L’EMPLOI a pour objectif de participer au processus de développement du Cameroun et promouvoir l’éducation, la formation et l’insertion socioprofessionnelle.


L’histoire de la N2D remonte dans les années 2012 sur la base de deux constats : 1er constat : Plusieurs jeunes diplômés manquent de l’expérience pour affronter une réelle concurrence dans le monde de l’emploi. Cette difficulté s’observe aussi bien pour les emplois stables que ceux temporaires à l’instar des consultations


The birth of the PAN AFRICAN ANTHROPOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION(PAAA) goes back to the 12th Congress of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES) which took place in August 1988 in Zagreb, present-day Croatia. This international Congress, attended by over 1200 anthropologists from across the world had a meager presence of just 12 Africans,


PRO FINANCE AUDIT CONSEIL est un centre de formation professionnelle spécialisé dans les formations à distance. Il propose des formations complètes en comptabilité informatisée, fiscalité, gestion et Finance En deux ans d’existence seulement, elle a déjà formé plus d’une dizaine Trentaine de comptables et contrôleurs de gestion, une dizaine de Cadres Comptable


Having a successful career in the vast industry of sports is a dream which only very few will eventually achieve. Unfortunately, only few have the opportunity to have good mentorship and guidance in the right direction. There have been several cases of athletes given false hope, others who are promised a successful career in exchange for a lump sum.

Unity Foundation Cameroon

UFC is a non-governmental, non profit and an apolitical organization based in Cameroon. It was founded by a group of twelve (12) young Cameroonians in 2013 in Fonfuka, Bum sub Division, Boyo Division of the North West Region of Cameroon to transform the society, put smiles on the faces of the less privileged through education, promotion of talents, democracy, peace and good governance.

The Dreamers Foundation

The five founders went to secondary school together at Bamenda, Cameroon, we all went to the same technical high school ( G.T.H.S BAMENDA) , we and many others found everyday life to be a challenge. All in the same struggle, our families could not afford to pay for their basic needs

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